Our Purpose

Creating a world connected by love, one sip at a time

Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?

Having been fortunate enough to travel through tea-loving countries, we are endlessly grateful for the opportunities we've been presented with to share in cultural celebrations of a drink that has survived the ages. While it may feel like a lost treasure in the West, we want to revive this magical beverage's wonderous legacy and share with you a love affair with tea that simmers in hearts across the globe.

The magic of tea is a cultural phenomenon that everyone is welcome to share. It offers a window into the ancient customs and practices of people all over the world. At the same time, it gives you a personal daily ritual for enjoying life's special moments, bonding with loved ones, fostering new friendships, and creating happy little bubbles of time in which to practice self-care. We are delighted to invite you into the loving, caring, connected, and judgement-free space occupied by the world's tea lovers. Welcome!

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