Our Values

Our values are simple, but we like them that way. We promise to bring you real tea leaves and all-natural ingredients, lovingly blended by hand.

100% natural

Ancient wisdom doesn't just permeate the rich histories of our traditional and herbal teas – it's also what inspires us to start with all-natural ingredients. Like the tea-loving ancients who forged the way for us, we believe the art of brewing is an essential component to drawing out well-balanced and multi-dimensional levels of flavour. Though the ancient brewing traditions do ask you to invest a bit more time than you have to with flavoured teas, your alignment with the old world is rewarded many times over. There's nothing quite like the feeling of reclining with a perfectly brewed cuppa and allowing your senses to be engulfed by the beautifully balanced symphony of flavours and aromas.

From this old-world wisdom, we have developed our philosophy of creating 100% natural, chemical-free, real and (where possible) organic treats for your senses. We do not use flavours, additives (artificial or natural), or fillers. We also avoid manufactured powders and syrups. These may give an instant burst of flavour, but in reality, they create a fake experience and mask poor quality tea – a concept we are completely opposed to! You can always rely on Eshai to bring you tea as nature intended it.

Lovingly blended by hand

As a small family business, our daily activities are powered by a love for every aspect of the tea creation process. From our recipes to the designs you see on our website and packaging, we craft every detail to bring you teas that are truly personal. By carefully selecting our ingredients and hand-blending our teas, we're able to perfect our recipes and guarantee every element that goes in them.

While we take pride in hand-blending our traditional teas, this is just one of the ranges we offer. The world of tea is overwhelmingly diverse. With endless varieties and a multitude of experiences available (there are more than 1,500 styles of green tea in China alone), we made a commitment to source and share the best of the best with our Tea Tribe.

We will soon be launching our imperial teas, which are an example of this commitment in action. This sumptuous range features fascinating teas that are a fusion of art, tradition and science. Not to be mistaken for low-cost, mass-produced knockoffs, Eshai's imperial teas have all been sourced from the correct vintage and terroir. Those responsible for growing and processing these teas are multi-generational tea masters, and you can taste their wisdom in every sip.

We also source specialty teas from master blenders who have perfected favourites like English Breakfast and Earl Grey. These everyday blends may seem simple, but it's not easy to produce a consistent flavour year after year. This is why we've scoured the globe for expert blenders who know how to adjust their formulas to accommodate variations in terroir from season to season.

Regardless of the tea type, you can rely on Eshai to bring you the best the tea world has to offer.

Tasted and approved by world-renowned tea experts

The ingredients that make their way into Eshai's teas each have a fascinating backstory. Since we recreate the traditional teas of cultures all around the world, our ingredients are as multicultural as you can get. Eshai's tea lab is populated by a fascinating congregation of tea leaves, herbs, and spices that have come together from Australia and all over the world in order to create specialty teas just for you. These beauties are joined by vintage teas and special blends we've been lucky enough to acquire from some of the world's most talented tea artisans.

Every ingredient comes to us via expert tea tasters. These Indiana Jones types travel the world in search of the finest ingredients and most talented tea growers. Thanks to their talents, we're able to avoid low-quality products, fake vintage teas, and ingredients that aren't the right fit for our blends. Through these tea gurus, we are able to offer a guarantee of freshness, quality, and absolute authenticity with every box of Eshai tea.

The final test takes place in our tea lab, where we sample all our ingredients and blends before admitting them into an Eshai box to be enjoyed by our Tea Tribe. With this blend of passion and expertise, you'll never find even a single leaf from the bottom of the pile in one of our boxes.

Quality and fresh ingredients to you

So much thought and loving attention goes into every Eshai tea box. We hand-select every ingredient to ensure only the finest quality teas and aromatic herbs, fruit, flowers, and spices are used. We purchase all ingredients in small batches, to ensure we always deliver premium and fresh ingredients to you. For the tea ranges that need to spend some time in our tea lab, we take the time to lovingly mill the spices and blend the ingredients together at the time of packaging. This ensures the very best of their flavours and aromas are captured. Every Eshai tea is sealed for perfect freshness, locking in all those delectable flavours and aromas until you're ready to unleash them into your pot or cup.

Crafted with care

Eshai only teams up with suppliers who share our commitment to caring for people and the natural environment we all call home. We insist on complete transparency with our supply chain, meaning we know for sure that each supplier we work with is fairly sourcing our ingredients from the growers and communities that produce them.

We're are also on a mission to transition as much as possible to organic ingredients. This lofty goal rests in more hands than just ours as we must work with the best suppliers available. However, we have been delighted to see more and more options spring up as tea growers turn to an organic model to meet the growing demand from consumers.

We are committed to creating products that taste amazing, fit into your lifestyle, foster a sense of wellness, and are environmentally friendly. With this in mind, you will see changes over the coming months and years as we uncover ways to make our products and packaging more sustainable without compromising on the high quality standards we hold ourselves to.

We believe that every one of us has been charged with a mission to have a positive impact on the world. To the Eshai team, playing our part in this shared global initiative is not just a responsibility but an honour and a privilege.

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