There's a Revolution Brewing

Join the ranks of tea lovers demanding quality and authenticity – it's time for real tea!

We're here for you

Though we cater for the dedicated tea lovers, we love welcoming in those who are only just developing their curiosity about real tea. Wherever you are in your journey, we're here for it. Just as the perfect cup of espresso can lift you away from the ability to drink instant coffee, an exploration of real tea will adjust your palate and give you a new appreciation for the beauty of warm spices, subtle flavours, and rich aromas.

Once you've experienced what it is to have a real quality tea experience and the beautiful social connection that comes with it, the desire to replicate it grows. We're here for those of you who've been seeking a way to recreate a memorable tea experience you enjoyed abroad or as a guest in someone's home. When you don't know where to start your search or what quality markers to look out for, it can feel like an impossible mission.

The market is dominated by low-quality teas, and while you could argue that there's a time and place for a cheap, quick tea fix, these products don't nurture your tastebuds in the loving way they deserve. If you're ready to upgrade to authentic, sumptuous tea experiences, Eshai has got your back. Join the tea revolution!

Can't we all just get oolong?

Wherever you are in the world, we want our Tea Tribe to be able to enjoy the intoxicating scent of herbs and spices that fill the air, as the tea gently simmers and unleashes its full depth of flavour. We want you to be able to delight in a high-quality leaf, that was lovingly nurtured on mountain tops, hand-plucked and hand-crafted into fanciful twists and rolls. We want to share with you the joy of watching it steep, delicately dancing in the water as it slowly unfurls its elegant silhouette and mesmerising flavour into your pot. We know, for you it's not about the tricks and shortcuts for an instant fix. It's about the appreciation of an age-old artform of making, serving, drinking, and sharing tea that should be honoured every step of the way.

Together, let's create a true tea culture, one amazing cup of tea at a time. Perhaps you're a tea drinker who loves to slip into solitude and sip as you reflect on your thoughts or the beauty of nature. Maybe you love nothing more than sharing tea and good times with friends and family. Or perhaps you run a store of café and you want to treat your customers to real tea. Wherever you fit, we invite you to share your journey with us and become part of our global tribe of tea lovers.

This is tea as it should be, and we invite you to be part of our tea revolution.

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