Join the Tea Tribe

Welcome to the communi-tea! This is a place for all tea lovers who strive to live, love, and share mindfully. We're all about connecting with our inner selves, with each other, and with our mother Earth.

A tribe for those who see the subtle magic of tea

We are a tribe of tea lovers united by our values and desire to live in harmony, sharing all that's good with our friends and neighbours. Whether we identify as tea enthusiasts, tea addicts, tea explorers, tea monks, or serious tea devotees, what we share is a discerning palate for real tea, and a passion for everything connected to this delicious elixir of life. From its humble beginnings to its fruition into the world's most loved beverage, the journey of tea is nothing short of inspirational. Its natural balance of Zen-like calm and focused energy offer a blueprint for the best way to live, love, and share. True tea lovers know a genuine experience with their favourite drink can be all it takes to recentre themselves and come at life with a fresh perspective. The powerful yet subtle magic of this natural wonder of the world is always available for you to access through quality tea-drinking experiences.

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