What’s In The Packet?

vegan. gluten free. 100% natural.
no preservatives or additives. artisinal. hand-packaged

Tea Blend
Green Tea  

Brewing Guide


    1 tsp per cup

  • TEMP

    80 – 90°C (175 – 195°F)

  • TIME

    ½ – 1 min

Add 1 tsp of tea to a teapot. Pour in 200 ml of water boiled to 80 – 90°C. Steep for ½ – 1 min. Strain into cup and enjoy as is. Delicious served hot or chilled over ice.

Brew it the traditional Japanese way

Boil freshly drawn ambient water in a teakettle to 100°C;. Warm a small teapot by rinsing with the hot water. Pour hot water into your tea cup/s. Add 1 – 2 tbsp of tea to the teapot. Slowly transfer the water from the tea cup/s into the teapot. This is the traditional way to achieve the correct temperature of approximately 80 – 90°C;. Steep covered for ½ – 1 min. For best results, brew in traditional glazed kyusu teapot and serve in yunomi tea cups. If sharing, ensure even distribution of flavour by pouring a small fraction of the tea into each cup and repeat this process in reverse order until the last drop is served. Enjoy as is. Can be re-infused up to 3 times by slightly increasing the steeping time with each infusion.

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