What’s In The Packet?

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Tea Blend
Pu-Erh Tea  

Brewing Guide


    1 tsp per cup

  • TEMP

    93 – 100°C (200 –200°F)

  • TIME

    2 – 5 min

Add 1 tsp of tea to a teapot. Pour in 200 ml of water boiled to 93 – 100°C. Steep for 2 – 5 min. Strain into cup and enjoy as is.

Brew it the traditional Chinese way

To fully appreciate the tea, brew in gongfu style using a yixing teapot, tea pitcher, tea boat and specialised utensils. Boil freshly drawn ambient water in a teakettle to 93 – 100°C;. Warm the teapot by rinsing with the hot water until overflowing. Cover and empty water into tea pitcher then pour into tea cup/s. Holding the cup/s with tongs, discard the water into the tea boat. Now add 1½ – 2 tbsp of tea to the teapot. Flash rinse the tea leaves by filling the teapot with hot water, swirling around the mouth of the teapot until overflowing. Cover while sweeping away any bubbles with the lid. Strain immediately into the tea pitcher and discard. Refill teapot and cover as before. Steep for 6 sec while continuing to pour hot water around the outside of the teapot to keep hot. To serve, strain into tea pitcher and pour evenly into tea cup/s. Enjoy as is in 3 sips. Can be re-infused up to 9 times, slightly increasing the steeping time with each infusion.

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