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Tea Blend
Black Tea  


Best Enjoyed

With its gentle fruity notes and low astringency, Dutch Afternoon Tea is perfect for those who like their brew hot and straight. Of course, a touch of sweetness never goes astray, so sweet-tooths can transform this tea into a delightfully decadent treat (which also blends beautifully with milk).

Best Served

In your finest china so your guests can feel like Dutch royalty. Of course, your favourite teacups will also work a treat! In winter, keep your teapot warm with a knitted tea cosy and use a mug you can wrap your mitts around.

Pairs With

Although its soft, sweet fruity notes are a treat to enjoy on their own, Dutch Afternoon Tea is a marvelous match for your favourite bickie. For a traditional treat, try a Dutch stroopwafle (caramel cookie waffles that are softened by placing them over your steaming teacup), gevulde koek (butter cookies with marzipan-like almond filling), speculaas (a spiced crunchy biscuit), or roze koek (flat cookies covered in pink fondant icing). Chocolate lovers will be delighted to know that the Dutch think chocolate is the perfect partner for tea.

Tea Time

All times are good times for tea in the Netherlands. However, Dutch Afternoon tea is true to its name, offering a gentle recharge on lacklustre afternoons when you could use a lift. Evenings are best saved for souls who can handle a caffeine kick after dark.

Caffeine Level

For a softer buzz

Tea Strength


Brewing Guide


    1 tsp per cup

  • TEMP

    100°C (210°F)

  • TIME

    3 – 5 min

Add 1 tsp of tea to a teapot. Pour in 200 ml of water boiled to 100°C. Steep for 3 – 5 min. Strain into cup. Sweeten to taste.

Brew it the traditional Dutch way

Boil freshly drawn ambient water in a teakettle to 100°C;. Warm a ceramic teapot by rinsing with the hot water. Add 1 tsp of tea per cup to the teapot and 1 for the pot. Pour in the hot water. Stir and steep covered for 3 – 5 min. Strain into cup. Sweeten to taste. Best served in your finest china with sugar on the side. If there is tea remaining in the pot, strain into another warmed teapot or if using an infuser, remove it from the pot to prevent any bitterness. Cover with a knitted tea cosy to keep warm. Enjoy on its own or with a piece of chocolate or a traditional stroopwafle biscuit by placing it atop the cup to allow the heat to soften it.

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