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Tea Blend
Black Tea  


Best Enjoyed

With its strong, robust flavour, English Breakfast tea is perfectly finished in the traditional way, with a dash of milk and as much or as little sugar (or your favourite sweetener) as you desire. Purists will adore this punchy brew in its natural state. As for the UK’s infamous ‘milk first or last’ debate, we’ll refrain from taking sides and let your preferences win!

Best Served

Your favourite teacups are ideal, but if you want to make your guests feel like royalty, serve their tea in fine china. In the colder months, serve in large mugs you can wrap your hands around and find an adorable tea cosy to keep the pot extra warm.

Pairs With

Itself for a warming and energizing buzz, but if your tummy is rumbling, then follow tradition and enjoy your English Breakfast tea in the way the name suggests – with your favourite hearty breakfast. If a full English fry-up is a bit beyond you, then England’s most loved tea time treats – good old-fashioned biscuits – will serve you well.

Tea Time

True to its name, English Breakfast tea is ideal for getting your day started on a happy, energetic note. Though it is indulged in at all hours of the day in its tea-obsessed homeland, evenings are only for those who can handle a late-night buzz!

Caffeine Level

For a shot of vitality

Tea Strength


Brewing Guide


    1 tsp per cup

  • TEMP

    100°C (210°F)

  • TIME

    3 – 5 min

Add 1 tsp of tea to a teapot. Pour in 200 ml of water boiled to 100°C. Steep for 3 – 5 min. Strain into cup. Sweeten to taste.

Brew it the traditional English way

Boil freshly drawn ambient water in a teakettle to 100°C;. Warm a ceramic teapot by rinsing with the hot water. Add 1 tsp of tea per cup to the teapot and 1 for the pot. Pour in the hot water. Stir and steep covered for 3 – 5 min. Strain into cup. Sweeten to taste. Best served in your finest china with milk or a slice of lemon and sugar on the side. Finesse your English tea-drinking etiquette with these handy tips; stir your tea by placing the spoon in a 6 o'clock position in your cup, then back towards 12 o'clock while not clinking against the sides. Place your teaspoon on the saucer with the handle pointing in the same direction as the cup handle. Hold the cup handle with your thumb and forefinger. No pinkies up! Never allow your cup to travel more than 30 cm from your saucer. As for milk in first or last, you choose your side in the debate! Enjoy on its own or with a hearty breakfast.

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